Why You Shouldn't Delay Your  Home Sale Until The New Year
With Halloween and, indeed, the mid-term elections now behind us, our focus will now shift to the forthcoming holidays.

It's a time of year when we generally see several homes temporarily disappearing from the market.

This happens because sellers incorrectly imagine that, with the festivities now in buyers’ sights, they won't be interested in moving in until the New Year.

Nothing could be further from the truth and this widely held view really is the biggest misconception in real estate.

If you decide to either withdraw your listing or simply not begin to list until early 2019, here's what you'll miss:

The holidays motivate many buyers - Who wouldn't want to be settled in their new surroundings for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas! Right now many people are looking to close the sale of their home so they can relax and entertain at the most wonderful time of the year.

Job relocation season - A lot of new jobs start in January, so right now buyers are busy trying to have a home to move into in advance of that. Given that the jobs market is so lively right now, we can confidently expect a hectic relocation market this winter.

Tax incentives - Many buyers like to have their home purchase sorted before December 31st, so they can benefit from certain tax advantages.

Your home will look at its best - A seasonally decorated home is arguably the most inviting it looks all year. Even better, buyers are more emotional at holiday time and thus more likely to make big purchasing decisions.

Some buyers have more time to view homes - Very busy people welcome the opportunity that the holidays often provide, in terms of them having a bit more spare time to look for a new home. And if you're concerned that will interfere with your own holiday plans, this can easily be worked around by simply letting your agent know which days aren't convenient for viewings.

Less competition - No matter how much people are told to stay on the market right now, many will still decide to withdraw until early in 2019. In doing so they will miss the chance to sell while there's less competition and, consequently, more robust asking prices.

Hopefully you can see that not selling at this time is in fact a big mistake.

Contact us today to discuss the many ways in which we can help you make the most of the superb opportunities over the next few weeks.