​​​​​Why It's Never Too Early In The Year To Appoint An Agent

Sellers generally tend to start looking for a real estate agent just prior to putting their home on the market.

This is often a missed opportunity because, even if you're not planning to list for several months, there's a lot your agent can be doing for you right now:

Presenting The Home - The earlier you make preparations to stage, or present, the home for sale, the better. An experienced agent can advise you on the best way to do this, giving you maximum time to make things look perfect, well in advance of the sale.

Observing Market Trends - Forewarned is forearmed. A top agent constantly looks at market trends and opportunities for clients. Just recently, for example, mortgage rates have been falling, helping to create a very busy start to 2019. If you've established contact with an agent, you too can be advised of these trends, enabling you to make the most informed decision on when is the right time for you to list.

Creating Early Interest In Your Home - Great listing agents have very close connections with the best buyer's agents in the area. If they know your home is coming on the market, they can begin to talk with other agents even before you have listed. This can sometimes lead to sellers receiving firm offers even before formal marketing of the property has commenced!

Assisting A Smooth Move - Most sellers will inevitably also be looking for their next home. Early connection with an agent ensures that you will have exposure to homes that may be a perfect fit for your future aspirations. It also makes for a much smoother transition between homes. And even if you're moving out of the area, the best agents have strong national connections with other high performing colleagues who can hook you up with your next property in the most seamless way.

Someone You Can Rely On - Selling and/or buying a home is generally the largest financial transaction people ever make. It's therefore only sensible to be able to call on the agent's extensive experience and knowledge as early as possible in the process. Why wait for that?

We hope the above points help to convince you that it's never too early to get in touch, so why not contact us today for an informal discussion of your real estate aspirations in 2019.