Why Hiring The Right Agent Is Even More Critical In a Buyer's Market

There is a general consensus across the nation that we are seeing a change to buyer's market conditions, with home seekers becoming more resistant to asking prices, which have been continually rising in recent times.

In essence, what we are seeing is an, arguably long overdue, market correction. Here in Southern Utah, we have so far been somewhat sheltered from this transition, not least because so many are moving from other states to make our wonderful area their home.

Nonetheless, it does look like more challenging market conditions may lie ahead of us. Sellers therefore need to pay even closer attention to their choice of agent.

The boom in real estate of the past few years has made it very attractive for people to become agents. Unfortunately many of these people have zero experience of the more testing environment of a buyer's market.

It is often not recognized that many agents have other calls on their time and don't even work in the industry full-time. While this is never a good thing, it matters even more when tougher selling environment surfaces, as is inevitable from time to time.

Selling in 2019 is likely to be more testing and here's where the sales skills of the top producing agent will be more evident.

Sellers interviewing agents for the crucial job of selling their home need to ask searching questions about the agent's track record and what sort of daily effort is made to continuously market the home and to connect with the best buyer's agents in the area.

You should also establish how long the agent has been involved in real estate, especially if he/she worked successfully through the years of the Great Recession.

It's important to obtain a very clear idea of the agent's proven credentials not just in a busy market, but in difficult times too.

Here are some important facts about The Burnett Group for your consideration:

  • ​Bryan Burnett was ranked 12th out of all Century 21 agents nationally for individual producer performance in 2018.
  • Bryan was ranked #1 selling realtor in 2018 for the entire Century 21 Rocky Mountain region.
  • More than 15 years ​success in the Southern Utah real estate market, in both good and ​tough times.

We would be delighted to answer your further questions concerning our track record and proven marketing methods, so please don't hesitate to contact us today.