​Recent Dramatic Mortgage Rate Drops ​Are Great News For Buyers and Sellers

Last week saw the biggest single week fall in 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates for a decade.

It's hard to imagine better timing, just as the busy spring homes market is getting under way.

For buyers, there is currently an incredible opportunity to lock-in a low rate.

For sellers, now is a great time to be listing your home, with much higher levels of positive buyer sentiment than could even have been envisaged a few weeks ago.

It's always important to recognize, however, that a trend like this carries no guarantees in terms of how long it might last. There is speculation at the moment that rates could be on a downward spiral for a while, but things can change very quickly.

Our strong advice, therefore, is to recognize the current market as representing the best opportunity for buyers and sellers for some time now.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your best forward path in this exciting new situation.