H​ave a Safe and Secure Holiday Season Around The Home

With the holidays almost here, it's such a busy time of year with all sorts of extra things to do.

This can mean that there's little time to think about seasonal safety and security around the home.

Therefore here are some great tips to help you:

Away for the holidays? - It's not a great idea to advertise that you'll be away via your social networking channels. Wait until you get home before posting all the great photos etc. You also should be creating the illusion that someone's still at home, especially at night, so timed lighting switches are a great idea. Also make sure you ask a friendly neighbor to collect items such as newspapers and flyers ​from your lawn or drive.

Electrical fire risks - Did you know that December is the worst month of the year, statistically, for electrical fires! Make sure you check your holiday lights for any faults prior to hanging them up. They should also not be left on overnight, so switch off before you retire.

Electrical cords - Avoid the temptation to string multiple cords together to reach an outlet. Use a suitable single length cord with sufficient inlets for your needs. Also position cords so they don't present a trip hazard.

In the kitchen - Meats should be thawed in in a refrigerator and not stored at room temperature for an unsuitably long time. Avoid placing hot foods at the edges of countertops and tables - they can be a scolding hazard to children and pets. Try to limit the time the kids and animals spend in the kitchen as much as possible at the busiest times.

Gift wrap - It looks harmless, but unless it's collected and disposed of at present giving time ​gift wrap can present a flash fire hazard if ignited in some way. Tinsel ​may be fatal if swallowed by cats and dogs, so don't leave it lying around either.

Toys - Make sure you study any safety instructions prior to wrapping toy gifts. There will probably be little or no time for this on the big day, so it's best to be prepared in advance.

​​We hope you find some of these simple tips helpful as you make your preparations. As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to real estate.